We Work Hard To Be The Best

Our Services

We work hard to be the best in warehousing, distribution, logistics and order fulfillment.


  • Accurate inbound receiving, with quantities and products verified and confirmed back within 24-hours of arrival.

  • Full inventory management with a sophisticated Warehouse Management System software program that tracks all products and their location in the warehouse.

  • WMS system handles all date code and expiry code product tracking and gives you accurate FIFO stock rotation and food-grade recall information.

  • A full customer service team accepts your order, enters it into our WMS, and prints a Packing Slip for the warehouse.

  • Order selectors and forklift operators retrieve your product and get it ready for shipping.

  • All outbound orders are double checked for accuracy.

  • Orders are shipped out on-time every day, and all proof of delivery paperwork is sent back to you within 24-hours.

  • Our CSR’s will handle your freight requirements and make sure the product gets to where its going on time at the lowest cost possible.

  • We do repacking, promotional packing, co-packing, labeling and stickering, and even do some light assembly.

  • We ship every day daily to all regional Grocery Wholesalers and Big Box distribution centers in the area.